Good History of Teledildonics at Kiiroo Site

Nice little history of teledildonics at site of the leading maker of such interactive sex toys – Kiiroo.

Speaking of handheld Teledildonic devices, a variety of Teledildonic adult toys are cropping up. Each one promises something a little bit different from the last.

In 2009, RealTouch was launched. The platform and devices are marketed towards men to use with webcam performers. It’s a very cool concept: the JoyStick device is controlled by the webcam performer, and sends touch data to the RealTouch masturbator device. The RealTouch masturbator can also receive data from videos made to be compatible with the device, so you don’t necessarily need to pay a webcam performer each time you want to use it. Inside the RealTouch masturbator, there are belts that move, heating elements, and a lubricant reservoir. While RealTouch is great for men looking to experience something more from their entertainment, it’s not particularly conducive to use in long distance relationships.

In 2011, Lovense introduced iMan and iLady, the first generation of their interactive male and female adult sex toys. Unlike RealTouch, iMan could actually control the iLady device. This was a great step towards female pleasure. Later, in 2013, they came out with Max and Nora, a male masturbator and a female “rabbit style” stimulator. Max and Nora work together over Bluetooth and phone apps. While the rabbit style is a very popular choice for standard vibrators, the variation among women’s anatomy means that the placement of a clitoral stimulator is not necessarily going to work for every body.

LovePalz, launched in 2012, are similar to Lovense in that they’re marketed and designed for couples. Their male masturbator is called Zeus while their female stimulator is called Hera. Zeus and Hera also feature two-way control. The faster one moves inside of Zeus, the faster Hera will move and thrust. The more one contracts and moves on Hera, the more movement and tighter grip Zeus will feel. However, because the majority of women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation, Hera not being able to vibrate can be considered a major drawback.

Here at KIIROO, we’re working on the most advanced system yet. Our current project focuses on a high-tech male masturbator called Onyx. Onyx has ten rings inside which are capable of sending and receiving tactile sensory data, and responding to data received by contracting and expanding. In other words, Onyx does the work for you and feels more realistic than any other male masturbator on the market. Our corresponding device, Pearl, is one of the most advanced female vibrators ever made. It has a powerful, rumbly motor and five capacitive touch rings, each one corresponding with two of Onyx’s. The Pearl is currently capable of sending data and receiving data from Onyx and other Pearls.

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