Excellent Interview with Todd Gliderr, CEO of Badoink

BadoinkVR is one of the best and most innovative of the VR porn pay sites and an excellent interview appeared online today with Todd Gliderr – the CEO of it’s parent company Badoink.

Daydream District: “For the content creation process, what are the major difficulties as compared to standard porn? Do the actors have a preference for one over the other?”

Todd Glider: “There are fundamental differences. It’s very DIY. The camera technology is very different, and you’re basically using camera tech that was not specifically made for creating stereoscopic 3D content. In a perfect world, a VR porn shoot is accomplished in one take with no cuts. That’s very different from a normal 2D shoot, which has many, many cuts by design. As a result, it’s often prudent to rehearse the scene with the performers before the cameras roll. Once the cameras are rolling, if the shoot is from the male POV—which most are—the blocking is starkly different. The male is asked to remain as still as possible. The consumers don’t want to see his hands, don’t want to hear him speak or breathe. He must resist the urge to reach up and touch his scene partner. The female talent—again assuming a male POV—must concentrate on staring into the camera lenses, not the eyes of her scene partner. She can move forward, closer to the camera, but not too close. She can move backwards, away from the camera, but not too far back. Same with moving to the left and right. It’s all strictly choreographed. Some performers prefer VR because their fans love it; it’s the closest they’re ever going to get to fucking their favorite porn star. Others find it more challenging, too awkward and demanding. But, at the end of the day, the reason a VR production is double the cost of a non-VR production, is the post-production process, which is much more time-consuming than post for a non-VR porn video.”

Read the full interview : http://www.daydreamdistrict.com/badoinkvr-ceo-porn-is-the-killer-app-of-vr-and-well-bring-it-to-daydream-and-playstation-vr/

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