Halloween VR Specials

It’s that time of year when girls everywhere dress up as sexy witches and vampires. And the strangely erotic mix of beautiful, ugly and the scary has been celebrated today at a number of VR porn sites.

WankzVR released one of their best movies yet for Halloween – ‘Zombie Slayers’. Featuring no less than three young lovelies, it’s your mission to have wild sex with these girls as mankind has been decimated by a zombie virus and your semen somehow contains the genetic code of the antidote!


VirtualRealPorn have typically chosen to push the boundaries of VR porn for their Halloween special. Ever wondered what it would be like to find the beautiful girl that you are having sex with suddenly turn into a zombie? Would your erection remain hard when inside the pussy of one of the undead? Well now you can find out in VR. However, be warned – the make-up in this video is VERY realistic and rather gruesome to say the least.


TeenMegaWorldVR on the other hand have chose something a bit more softer, coming in the shape of a delightful blonde teen in a sexy plaid skirt. She will masturbate for you in VR on this day as she is the ‘Halloween Whore’. Her virginal white shirt is splashed with a bit of fake blood, but there’s nothing very scary here.


CzechVR celebrate not only Halloween but also their 100th VR video with this week’s sexy Czech girl dressed up in a witches outfit, before taking it off to let you ‘have sex’ with her via the 180 degree male POV.


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