VR Will Enable Existing Paraphilias and Create New Ones


Many predict that virtual reality will have as big an impact upon sex and porn as the Internet itself.  There are early signs that this may actually turn out to be an understatement.  One such sign is the way in which paraphilias that are not even really possible to pursue in the real world are already mushrooming in virtual reality. An example highlighted recently in the media goes by the name of macrophilia – the sexual desire towards giants.

Virtual reality is not just going to transform gaming and education – people with a specific sexual paraphilia whereby they derive sexual arousal from fantasies about giants have realised that the technology could be the best way to bring their fantasies to life.

People who fantasise about having sex with individuals that are far taller than themselves are known as “Macrophiles”, and according to Psychology Today, the fetish is becoming increasingly popular. Most macrophiles tend to be heterosexual males who are sexually attracted to female giantesses, but they can also derive sexual stimulation from even non-sexual scenarios.

It’s pretty difficult to indulge in a sexual fetish when the object of your fantasy doesn’t exist, so for years macrophiles have had to rely on comics, Japanese anime cartoons called “Hentai”, and more recently, soft porn actresses who have realised a niche in the market that needs filling….

..”So I recently got hold of a Samsung Gear VR headset and have since combed the internet for giantess movies, and have found myself completely immersed,” user handluva wrote on Macrophilia forum Giantess City.

“You lay down and look up and see a giantess towering over you, pretty much how it would look if it was real. This is better than any 2D point-of-view video you can watch on a flat screen. You can sit up and look around the room and watch her walking around you and bending down to pick you up, then feel dizzy as you’re flung around in her hands, and to some extent even get a feeling of height when you’re lifted up.


Another and more obvious use of virtual reality to enable fetishes is role play (or vroleplay). For example, vr porn sites are already regularly releasing videos shot from one of the participants POV (point of view) and which allow you to therefore experience to an extent the feeling of having sex in the body of somebody who may be a different race or gender. It’s open to discussion whether an interracial vr porn movie, experienced by a white male from the POV of a black actor, is simply enhancing an existing adult niche (interracial) or is an entirely new paraphilia (‘interracial vroleplay?’). Perhaps more complicated questions are involved when it comes to gender swapping in vr porn. Are men who enjoy experiencing virtual sex in the bodies of women to be called transsexuals, transgenders, or something else? There is already controversy in the distinction between the former two, but how should we define somebody who is comfortable being defined by his birth gender in the real world, but in virtual reality gains sexual pleasure from gender swapping?

And when it comes to vroleplay, what’s to stop people from experiencing sex from the point of view not of a different race of gender, but a different species (not necessarily with a human – would bestiality porn laws cover vr sex between two people in the virtual bodies of dogs?).

VR porn will not only enhance existing fetishes, enable fetishes previously confined to fantasy or comic books, it will also create entirely new ones that we can’t even imagine at this point.

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