VirtualRealPorn Halloween Special Offer

The oldest VR porn site, and our number one ranked adult VR site – VirtualRealPorn is running a 6 day Halloween special discount promotion that gives you around 30% off normal membership subscription rates. If you haven’t already joined VirtualRealPorn, then it’s a good opportunity to join now and start building your VR library, even if you intend to purchase a proper VR headset later such as at Christmas.

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Xhumanist has been writing on porn/sex tech for nearly two decades, and has been predicting the rise of VR and AR porn, as well as AI porn, and their coming together to produce fully 'immersive porn', which would be indistinguishable from the real thing, and create a society of 'sexual abundance'. He identifies as a digisexual, and has been quoted in Wired Magazine.

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