How Realistic Are Love Robots?


Leading ‘MGTOW’ (‘men go their own way) YouTuber ‘Sandman’ discusses why we still do not have realistic sex robots. What might he holding such tech back, he and one of his viewers contends, is that the makers of sex robots are trying too hard to create a robot that speaks, rather than a robot that moves.

In my view, the problem with designing a sex robot that can move itself is the sheer weight of the things. As anyone who owns a sex doll can testify, they are hard to move around. Add in motors so that the thing can move itself and it will weigh a tonne…requiring ridiculous power consumption, as well as likely crushing quite a few ardent owners making love to them.

And as regards the weight and movement problem, it appears that Realbotix – the RealDoll/Matt McMullen Harmony sex robot project – has now been scaled back to focus more on the head alone. The Realbotix website has recently become ‘RealDoll X’. Still no sex robot for sale, but instead an app that allows you to interact with ‘robotic head systems’, although the focus of the site and the app appears to be more on virtual girlfriends.

RealDoll X robot head app

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