CamSoda Partners with Real Doll for ‘Virtual Intercourse With Real People’ (VIRP)

I’ve always thought that the ultimate virtual sex experience would involve real people and sex dolls. No matter how convincing either virtual reality porn or sex robots become (at least until virtual reality or robots become conscious), most men will always crave the psychological aspect of sex with a real person – otherwise the experience is simply high-tech masturbation. A haptic sex doll combined with virtual or augmented reality is probably something that will be bigger than sex robots, and webcam company ‘CamSoda’ have now partnered with the famous RealDoll to take the first steps in achieving that.

CamSoda announced this time last year that they would be bringing the world’s first live holographic webcam shows to market in 2017, and as there has been no further word on that, I was a bit sceptical about this new claim. However, it does involve an apparently real partnership with both the haptic sex toy company LoveSense and RealDoll, so it seems genuine. In any case, even without CamSoda and the involvement of their webcam girls, the LoveSense haptic toys (a masturbator for men and a dildo for women that synch with each other) can be used with the RealDolls for remote haptic virtual sex with a partner. Of course, this is just an insert into the RealDoll (the vagina), so the doll itself doesn’t move, but the inserted LoveSense vagina can be synched with a partner or CamSoda webcam model, or a number of VR porn movies from sites including VirtualRealPorn.

This tech will really come to fruition when it employs either augmented reality to project the face of the person you’re having sex with onto the doll, or the doll’s head is a 3D printed likeness of your lover.

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