Hyper-realistic 3D Printed Cloned Sex Dolls Are Here

3d printed sex doll exclone DS Doll Robotics

Wanimal EX Clone Doll range 3D printed sex dolls

I’ve long held the view that the Chinese company DS Doll Robotics are ahead in the race to create something close to a genuine sex robot. In the meantime, they are producing ever more realistic and beautiful luxury sex dolls, and today they announced the arrival of a hyper-realistic new range that have been created using 3D printing and the scanning of real life models.

The combination of latest 3D printing tech and scanning has produced a new range of dolls that are apparently accurate to within 0.03 mm of the human original. The official photos released of the new models appear to show that this is indeed the next generation of dolls that have now unquestionably passed the uncanny valley and left it a footnote in the history of (at least premium) sex dolls.

DS Doll Robotics Wanimal 3D printed EX Clone Doll

For this series, EX Doll have collaborated with the pioneer Body Photographer Wang Dong Wanimal and they have done a large ongoing collaboration.

Wang Dong Wanimal may be new to some of you… Wang Dong graduated from the China Central Academy of Drama and is a well-known fashion pioneer and body art photographer, esteemed in the photography industry.

Under his lens we can see different models, women with the most unique of aspects.

For this fun and cool experimentation project, EX Doll have purchased new industrial grade 3d equipment.

EX Doll, Ourselves at Cloud Climax and the doll community as a whole has much curiosity to whether dolls can be made to look even more like humans. Are the current doll figures that we are familiar with the limit of what can actually be achieved on a realism level when producing a doll?

To answer these questions, EX Doll found Wanimal. The Model “Jie” uses the brand new equipment. They collected the human data with the machinery, which has an accuracy of 0.03mm. After half a year of research, development, testing and prototypes, EX Doll have succeeded in converting the biological data into real dolls.

Details such as veins and blood vessels, and even the hair on the girl’s toes (!) are visible and remarkably lifelike. A new ‘harder’ type of silicone has apparently produced the astonishingly realistic skin. According to the company, every doll in the CLONE series takes 5 EXDoll senior painters 20 working days of hard work. Each order takes 6 to 8 weeks to produce the finished product.

The first doll in the series (pictured above) is the ‘Jie clone’ and can be ordered from their UK based reseller Cloud Climax for £6,299 (around $8,200).

*UPDATE – DS Doll Robotics have released a short video of their 3D cloned doll.

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