Ian Pearson Gives Interview on the Future of Virtual Sex

Futurologist Ian Pearson recently made waves in the mainstream media by predicting that humans would be having sex with robots more often than with each other by the year 2050. That claim was made in a report on the future of sex commissioned by a sex toy company, so it might be expected that he should make some headline catching claims. However, in an interview given to conservative online magazine ‘Breitbart’ this week, he gives some illuminating further thoughts on how he sees vr porn, virtual sex, and robot sex developing in the next decades. Most interesting is his idea of ‘active skin’ which would allow direct stimulation of the nerves and even the possibility of ‘recording’ sexual experiences to be replayed in virtual reality.

“By 2030, we really should have VR contact lenses in common use, so the great big clumsy Oculus Rift-style headsets which are only slightly better than the 1991 things in terms of size, I really don’t think people are gonna be wearing these whopping great headsets in 2030. You can do all of that imaging with active contact lenses. You can put a few lenses and a micro-mirror into the contact lens and you could do high resolution graphics straight onto the retina… Obviously there’s no weight associated with that at all, it’s the same weight as a contact lens, you wouldn’t even know you were wearing them, but you’d be able to see full high resolution images.

The other technology I expect for 2030 would include active skin, at least initially starting to get links into the nervous system, so a lot of the stuff you do today using sex toys you could do by direct stimulation of the nerves. So you could record and replay sensations for example. If you’re having really great sex with somebody, you could record the sensations associated with it by having electronic devices connected to the nerves, so they’re recording the use of one or two megabits per second going up that nerve. You could record that, and you could replay that whenever you’re exhibiting the same experience in VR, so if someone’s touching you in a particular place, you can replay the same sensations that you actually experience when someone did actually touch you in that place. So the virtual experience can produce exactly the same sensation as the real one. Recording and replaying sensations is realistic 2030 technology, along with the active contact lens.”

Read the Breitbart article : http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/07/05/exclusive-people-will-emotional-sex-robots-2030-according-futurologist-dr-ian-pearson/

Ian Pearson has his own blog at : https://timeguide.wordpress.com/ Unlike many futurologists, it’s clear that Pearson has quite an insight into social and political trends, as well as technology. Also unlike most futurologists and transhumanist commentators, he’s rather politically incorrect.

Ian Pearon on the future timeline of virtual sex tech

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