Leap Motion Plug-in for Virt-A-Mate Lets You Fondle Girls in VR

leap motion vr porn games

leap motion vr porn gamesThe much anticipated 6DoF standalone VR headset from Oculus was announced last week. The Oculus Quest will go no sale in the spring of next year. Most VR Porn, at least in the West, if of course recorded 3D video that allows no movement and no interaction. I wonder if this will change when the Quest (costing just $399) is released, and a real shift to digital VR takes place? If so, it promises to be very exciting, judging from the uses to which Virt-A-Mate – a platform for creating animated adult VR games – are being put to. Last week, our friend Ross Parker highlighted videos showing the potential of a Leap Motion plugin for Virt-A-Mate, and they are pretty jaw dropping.

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