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featured VRBangers Jayne Summers imageNubile young American lass Jayne Summers is a hot Hoverboard girl who is ready to go down on you in VR, letting you relive those skater chick fantasies from yesteryear with a new high tech twist. 6K virtual reality porn from VR Bangers

Jayne Summers Stars in Never Bored on a Hoverboard

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If you’re in your forties, you probably grew up fantasizing about skater chicks like me. I remember when there were nubile barely legal teens everywhere on skateboards flying bast with their pert butts sticking out on display, teasing the boys cocks rock hard (and the men’s too!).

Well the dream never dies, it only gets updated for the year 2018. You can now put on a virtual reality headset and experience your skater chick fantasy in 6K ultra-hd resolution. And of course, the skater chick, although still as nubile and horny as hell, has been updated too. Now she’s racing around on a hoverboard!

Sultry young American slim breasted pornstar Jayne Summers plays the role of the hoverboard girl, only too eager to go down on your cock, suck you and then ride you hard with that fantastic nubile body and tight teen pussy.

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