Naughty America Launches 3D Sex Shows

Naughty America - Sex Show

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Naughty America annoyed a lot of webmasters who promoted them by delaying payments for up to years. They then annoyed a lot of subscribers by fiddling about with their pricing plans. The only reason I’ve stuck by them is that that there can be no denying that Naughty America have not been innovative. They were the first porn site to release videos in 4K ultra-hd, one of the very first to shoot in VR, and this year became the first site to offer augmented reality porn. And now, they’ve announced the launch of ‘sex show’ – a 3D digital sex experience that can be viewed on a pc or mobile screen, as well as inside a virtual reality headset.

Sex Show - Select A Model

Various models can be selected, several sofcore solo girl scenes, and several hardcore. All the scenes are digital, and appear to be in some cases completely digitally rendered from scratch, and in others digitized version of live models (as in their AR ‘holograms’).

You can view the models in different angles, and as said above, on a normal pc or mobile screen or in VR. There is no indication that the ‘sex shows’ can be viewed in augmented reality as of yet.

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