Naughty America Showcases ‘AR Strippers’ At CES 2019

Naughty America AR stripper

Naughty America, one of the original VR porn sites, and the only porn company allowed to demonstrate at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES), has displayed volumetric ‘AR strippers’ at this year’s event.

Naughty America augmented reality porn strippers

Last year at the same show they presented a rather improvised attempt at a smartphone AR porn demonstration using digitalized pornstars. They appear to have scrapped that approach and switched to volumetric capture of real live actresses.

The AR strippers and pole dancers that ‘can be placed inside your home’, are available now via an Android app at the ‘Naughty America Strip Club’. An app for iPhones is expected soon. Naughty America can now claim to be the first commercial augmented reality porn site (they were also the first 4K porn pay site).

Several other companies are developing similar AR porn but none have gone beyond the demo stage yet.

Naughty America, an undeniably innovative and daring company, appeared to be a company on its last legs. It infamously owes its affiliates hundreds of thousands of dollars – people who have worked in effect as slave labor in order to build their business. It has also angered subscribers by changing pricing structures and even blocking access to parts of their site to paid subscribers. That they can not only continue to release new movies each week, but be able to develop AR porn and then showcase it at the world’s biggest mainstream consumer electronics show (at which even sex toy companies are banned) is eyebrow raising to say the least.

As one disgruntled affiliate ironically puts it :

C’mon, all our hundreds of unpaid hours spent promoting Naughty America has resulted in the innovation of augmented reality porn. Now I know how the Egyptian slaves who toiled endlessly to build the pyramids must have felt when, with sweat dripping into their eyes, they finally gazed and marveled at the completed spectacle.

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