New Haptic Masturbator Dulcet Responds To ‘Female Arousal Sounds’

Dulcet - Korean haptic masturbator

Dulcet - haptic male masturbator from South Korea

A South Korean start up sex toy company has been reported to be releasing a novel male masturbator (the Dulcet) that can analyse the sounds of ‘female arousal’ and accordingly mimic contractions of the female vagina during sex, to provide an authentic virtual sex experience for the male using it.

When it comes to self-pleasuring, masturbation is perhaps the easiest activity men get involved in. According to data, 96% of men indulge in masturbation and spend over 14 minutes per session and 46 hours a year pleasuring themselves. Korean startup Dplug Labs has launched an adult toy called the Dulcet which comes with audio analysis technology that analyzes and detects female pleasure sounds to provide the same experience as actual intercourse.

Founded in 2018 by the Dplug Labs team, the vibrator tool is powered by a sound-sensitive controllable actuator that detects unique frequencies of women’s voices and provides a realistic experience of contraction and relaxation of the vagina. The company hopes to play a strong supporting role in the sex lives of those facing sexual problems due to age, disorder or other infirmities.

The haptic sex toy, which can be synched with porn, including VR porn, is already available to pre-order at the Dplug Labs website, although it appears to be currently ‘out of stock’.

From looking at the product description of the ‘Dulcet’ and the original news article, it would appear that the ‘synching’ with VR porn (or other porn, but it is being promoted as VR sex toy), is produced entirely by the analysis of the female ‘pleasure sounds’ in the scenes you are watching. Not too sure if this is much more than a gimmick and an exercise in clever marketing, but it’s certainly an interesting idea and an indicator of where we are heading with such smart sex toys.

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