Introducing the SayberX Luxury Male Masturbator

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*Since I first published this article, I’ve heard a lot of negative stuff regarding the SayberX, as well as the trustworthiness of the company behind it, and so I would unfortunately advise against buying this expensive product at the current time.

A much better alternative at a similar price is the fantastic Kiiroo Onyx 2 male haptic masturbator.

Not forgetting of course, the exciting Autoblow 2.

Autoblow AI in action

An exciting new male masturbator was launched recently, with a huge marketing budget apparently matched with investment and effort that have gone into producing the toy. The SayberX is similar to the Autoblow and the Kiiroo Onyx in that it’s a masturbation sleeve encircled by rings that constrict and relax to mimic the sensation of movement, whether being ‘ridden’ or sucked. A YouTube video explains the toy pretty well :

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