Orifice AI for men – ‘Now we get to swipe left!’

Orifice AI virtual girlfriend swipe left

Two daring entrepenaureal brothers are betting that an exciting new crowdfunded AI masturbator will ‘transform intimiate experiences’. Rather more controversially, it appears that the two are openly boasting that their forthcoming ‘Orifice AI‘ device will replace women, or at least men’s reliance on them for sex and intimacy.

The ‘immersive’ male sex toy will incorporate haptics, depth sensors, and AI to provide real-time responsive feedback. It will also work with live cam girls. There are quite a few male masturbators that do these things already now, but in addition, the Orifice AI also promises both a customizable life-like AI girlfriend, as well as the ability to enjoy the experience in virtual reality.

But what truly sets apart the Orifice AI is the marketing behind it. Whilst most premium male sex toy brands battle against the prejudiced idea that men who use masturbators are losers, or incels, the Mitchell brothers embrace it. And while, as I have reported on here frequently, feminists and the mainstream press rail against AI girlfriends on the basis that they may replace real relationships, the brothers actively celebrate it in their Tweets and YouTube videos.

Presumably, the duo behind the toy are hoping that their marketing campaign will go viral, particularly in the ‘manosphere’ and including incel forums and the likes of 4Chan.org, where it will then be bought in the tens of thousands – perhaps as much as an act of red pill defiance as a desire to pleasure their dicks. To this end, they already appear to have succeeded. And more controversy and infamy might be coming their way as their ‘daring’ strategy shows no sign of changing course. Indeed, in one Tweet, Bryan Mitchell actually makes reference to the Black Mirror episode ‘Joan Is Awful‘, which covered the theme of deepfake technology taken to its extreme. With the Orifice AI, you can ‘steal her soul’.

As already mentioned, while haptic and interactive male sex toys are already common, the combining of them with AI girlfriend tech has been surprisingly slow. Shortly after ChatGPT was launched at the end of 2022, taking the world by storm, the company behind the virtual sex toy ‘Virtual Mate’ promised to integrate ChatGPT into their girlfriend character. And a number of adult VR games, such as VR-Hot, have been busy integrating AI tech so that virtual girls can hold realistic conversations.

I’m not sure how much Orifice AI will live up the promises of the Mitchell brothers, but at least it’s a step towards an ‘all-in-one’ virtual girlfriend. That is if it ever even sees the light of day before being cancelled. Currently, it’s available for pre-order at Orifice.ai. No doubt I will be covering it here again before long, and perhaps I’ll even be able to get my hands on one. In the meantime, here is a rather sceptical response from a Manosphere YouTuber. I’m not too familiar with ‘Rehab Room’, but his voice sounds familiar as that of a popular Incel YouTuber from a couple of years ago, so perhaps that account was banned and it’s the same guy.

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