I tried some racy prompts with the new free Luna Dream Machine video generator

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Dream Machine is a new text to video generator that was launched this week, gaining a lot of attention and positive reviews, with many calling it a serious rival to OpenAI’s Sora. It’s actually free to use, so long as you keep under the current limit of 10 videos a day. I decided to give it a try, using prompts, some of them slightly racy, that would give me an indication of how far along we are to a genuine AI porn video generator.

Despite the heavy interest in Dream Machine causing their servers to be hard pressed, I didn’t have to wait too long for each short video to be generated—two minutes or so of ‘queuing’, and then around the same for the generation.

One of my first prompts was ‘Russian fashion model in exotic dress, walking elegantly on the runway, looking at viewer’. The result was quite impressive I think. A long way from perfect, and the model curiously walks backward at the start. But if a NSFW video generator had anything like this kind of result, it would be way better than anything out there now.

My next effort was ‘A beautiful young blonde woman wearing sunglasses, licking an ice cream’. Well, the woman doesn’t appear either very beautiful or young, and her tongue looks demonic when it first comes out of her mouth to lick the ice cream. But hey, we are getting there.

I decided to persist with the erotic ice cream theme, and my next prompt was ‘Extreme close up of a beautiful young woman, red lips, with ice cream dripping from her mouth’. Here, the detail of the lower half of her face was very impressive, although sadly no suggestive ice cream drops were falling from her mouth.

Next, I thought it would be interesting to see if it handles anime better than realistic video. I certainly didn’t go for anything remotely racy here. The prompt was ‘Cute Japanese anime girl smiling and making heart-shaped sign with her hands’.

It’s clear that, as you would expect, Luna (the company behind Dream Machine) has installed rigid checks to prevent any NSFW use of it. When I tried to see if it could generate a slightly racy but SFW foot worship video, using the prompt ‘beautiful woman with long legs shows the viewer her perfect feet’, it came back with an error message. So I finetuned it a little and the following prompt was allowed – ‘
Stunningly beautiful woman wearing a nightdress, painting her toenails with red varnish’. However, as you can see, the woman is painting her fingernails, and we don’t see any feet. I wonder if this is simply an error, or the result of the safety algorithms steering it away from generating anything that might be ‘erotic’.

My results thus far had left me half-impressed that things were certainly progressing with text-to-video generators, and half-disappointed that my videos were not nearly as impressive as some of those I’d seen online. Perhaps it was because of my lack of skill and imagination in composing prompts. So I decided to copy the prompt for a very impressive video that the reviewer at Tom’s Guide succeeded in generating – that of a dancer in silhouette.

This is the prompt that he used, and the resulting video is below. ‘Create a captivating tracking shot of a woman dancing in silhouette against a contrasting, well-lit background. The camera should follow the dancer’s fluid movements, maintaining focus on her silhouette throughout the shot.’

I used the exact same prompt, except that I added the word ‘belly’ before ‘dancer’. The result is not as impressive as his, but hey, quite a bit more erotic I think.

To be clear, I am not promoting the excellent Luna Dream Machine as a NSFW video generator here, as it clearly cannot be used for that purpose. My intention in this article has been just to showcase how the tech is progressing, and to give you just enough ‘raciness’ to suggest how close we potentially are to a true AI porn video generator, and how exciting it is going to be when it arrives.

You can try the Dream Machine for free at : https://lumalabs.ai/dream-machine

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