BadoinkVR Advent Calender 2020 – A Free VR Porn Video Every Day Until Christmas!

The Black Friday sales might be over, but leading virtual reality porn site BadoinkVR are still in a very give away mood. Last Tuesday (December 1st) they launched this year’s VR porn advent calender, with one new full-length free video each day until Christmas Day, featuring classic moveis from their entire VR site network. Oh,… Read More »

Sex Robots – Comfort for the Elderly or A Solution To Fermi’s Paradox?

‘Finishing touches to Alexa’ credit DS Doll Robotics[/caption]Like London buses, three diverse and rather important sex robot essays and papers looking at the possible implications of them for society, have all appeared at the same time (or in the third case, recently resurfaced). All three deserve reading, or even studying, and I’d like to give… Read More »

Love Hormone Oxytocin’s Role In Male Sexual Function Discovered

Oxytocin is a hormone long associated with female reproduction and pregnancy. Scientists, and the wider public, took a greater interest in it when several studies into the monogamous (unusually for small mammals) mating habits of prairie voles, suggested that it may be oxytocin that determines that behaviour, both in males and females. Today it was… Read More »

Virtual Taboo Wins XBiz Industry Virtual Reality Site of the Year Award

Xbiz is kind of the official adult industry hub, and recently they held a yearly awards ceremony (virtually) in Berlin. Naughty VR porn site Virtual Taboo picked up the XBiz Europa award for best virtual reality site of 2020. It’s a kinky ‘taboo’ themed site, with each video scenario invariably involving you being the naughty… Read More »

New VR Porn Videos For Your Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 was released just 10 days ago, and by all accounts, it’s selling like hot cakes. Naturally, the first thing that most of the lucky new owners of these fantastic headsets will do is search online for some virtual reality porn to experience. If you’re one of them, here are five movies… Read More »

The Observer On ‘The Rise of Technosexuals During Lockdown’

Interesting article appeared on The Observer yesterday on ‘Sex Robots, Teledildonics, and the Rise of Technosexuals During Lockdown‘. I’d recommend you read it, but here are a couple of thoughts of my own on the subject. As somebody who markets both sex toys and VR porn (as well as 4K porn etc.), I can vouch… Read More »

Adult VR Game vrXcity is Compatible with Oculus Quest 2

The German based developers behind adult digital VR game vrXcity, have announced that it can be played on the new Oculus Quest 2 headset. Given that the Quest 2 appears to be flying off the shelves and fuelling a big spike in demand for VR porn, that’s quite a prudent and obvious commercial move to… Read More »

Kiiroo Keon – ‘A New Standard For Interactive Pleasure’?

Arguably the top brand for interactive sex toys (at least for men), Kiiroo are getting ready to launch their next generation masturbator, neatly timed for this week’s release of the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Titled ‘Keon’, it’s already available for pre-order at the company’s online store. I haven’t got my hands on this… Read More »

The Best VR Porn Headset Yet – The Oculus Quest 2 – Is Released Today

The next generation of the flagship standalone (untethered) virtual reality headset from Oculus – the Oculus Quest 2 – is released today, little more than a year after the successful launch of the original version. The first Oculus Quest was itself really an upgrade of the Oculus Go, which was the first standalone VR headset… Read More »

Smart Sex Toy Arcwave Ion Allows Men to Experience ‘Female Orgasms’

The revolutionary We-Vibe was one of the first successful teledildonic toys, enabling men to pleasure their female partners remotely, while also experiencing their own penis stimulated by the same toy. Nonetheless, the emphasis was very much on the women’s needs, and the We-Vibe is also a high quality solo vibrator for women. But now the… Read More »