Samantha the Sex Robot Can Say No

Sex robot inventor Sergi Santos has reportedly equipped his sex robot Samantha with the ability to say no if she is disinterested or ‘disturbed’ by the sexual behaviour of her partner. Well, perhaps not quite say no, but rather switch off into ‘dummy mode’ whenever she detects aggressive behaviour on the part of her owner… Read more »

Call for UK to Ban Deepfake Porn

A British academic has called for deepfake porn to be criminalized. The British parliament is in the process of ‘closing a loophole’ which allowed upskirt photos to be legal. A so called ‘academic expert’ on the regulation of Internet porn has demanded that politicians seize the opportunity to ‘futureproof’ sex tech legislation by criminalizing the… Read more »

Standard of Acting in VR Porn – Redditors Reply!

I recently asked the OculusNSFW subreddit their opinions on whether acting needs to be better in VR porn (because it’s more important to create a convincing illusion). I also suggested that if this wasn’t possible, more studios should think about shooting more natural scenes or even first time models. As you might expect, the standard… Read more »