CzechVRFetish Release FREE 8K VR Porn Video

CzechVRFetish have released a FREE full length VR porn video featuring one of their most beautiful Czech girls – Cindy Shine. But the really remarkable thing is that the video is in an incredible 8K, making it, to my knowledge at least, the highest resolution virtual reality porn video ever released. As their name suggests,… Read More »

Hybri – Your Ultimate Holographic AI Lover?

Just when Japanese holo AI assistant makers Gatebox appear to be disappointing us in our lockdowned hours of need and aspiration, a Florida based startup has launched with the intention of creating something even more ambitious. Nothing less than your ultimate holographic AI lover. Named Hybri, it differs from the Gatebox holo girl AI assistant… Read More »

Sex Robot Podcast Featuring Kate Devlin

Kate Devlin is a British computer scientist specialising in Artificial intelligence and Human–computer interaction. She co-chaired the annual Love and Sex With Robots convention in 2016 held in London, after penning the seminal defence of sex robots a year earlier hat was published in The Conversation and entitled – ‘In defence of sex machines: why… Read More »

VirtualTaboo Filming In New 7K VR Porn Standard

Top ranked virtual reality porn site VirtualTaboo has begun to release videos in 7K resolution, which they proudly claim is their ‘new quality standard’. It’s certainly a big jump up from the standards of nearly all of their rivals, who shoot mainly in 5K, with the notable exception of VRBangers which for a long time… Read More »

Lockdowns Promote Internet Sex Toys.. And Perhaps Digisexuality

It has been reported in Rolling Stone magazine that sales of internet connected sex toys such as the Kiiroo Onyx+, are growing rapidly during the coronavirus crisis. The popular women’s sex toy company WeVibe, whose haptic vibrators can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, has also reported a notable uptick in demand. This mirrors… Read More »

Most VR Porn Sites Have #StayHome Sales

Most of the virtual reality porn sites are now offering discounts for new members, terming the sales #StayHome, for obvious reasons. It’s not just because they want you to stay safe by fapping to their videos, it’s also because of the fact that the coronavirus crisis has caused most studios to stop filming, and already… Read More »