The Real Touch Virtual Sex Device

What is the RealTouch?

 The RealTouch is a revolutionary sex toy that it’s makers – AEBN – hope will transform the adult entertainment industry. The RealTouch allows you to interact with adult porn in real time. The user of the RealTouch feels what the man in the porn movie is feeling. No longer are you restricted to simply watching porn – with the RealTouch, you actually get to experience it.

 Why the RealTouch?

 The online adult entertainment industry has been in decline for a number of years. Profits began falling with the advent of p2p file sharing networks and then plummeted still further when porntube style sites began to make free adult material ubiquitous. The challenge was to come up with something that went beyond the simple (and easy) downloading of porn. Something so different that people would be once again be willing to pay for the pleasure of viewing porn. The world’s first successful interactive virtual sex machine, in the shape of the RealTouch, is what AEBN hope will breathe new life into the Adult industry.

 How does the RealTouch work?

 RealTouch makes use of something called Haptic technology, first developed by NASA (the engineer behind RealTouch is a former NASA engineer). Haptic technology allows the physical sensations created by the RealTouch device to perfectly match and synchronise with the action in the porn scene that the user is watching. For example, if the girl in the movie is giving the man a blowjob, the soft, pliable belts within the RealTouch will exert just the right amount of pressure, whilst the lube reservoir will release the required amount of moisture to recreate the sensation of having your penis sucked. The RealTouch is able to simulate just about any sexual act, including anal sex, handjobs and footjobs.

 How much does the RealTouch cost and when will it be available?

 The RealTouch was originally intended to be released at the start of 2009, but repeated delays have pushed the launch date back until the second half of the year. At the time of writing, it is hoped that the RealTouch will be shipping by the end of September at $250 a unit.

 What is the future of RealTouch and Virtual Sex?

 The future of the nascent virtual sex industry depends on the commercial success of the RealTouch. If the revolutionary new product is a success then AEBN will pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into further research, as well as no doubt inspiring other adult companies to make rival products.

 Already the makers of RealTouch have plans to allow the product to be used with live webcam shows. The next step would be to allow interaction between RealTouch users (with the advent of a female version – a RealTouch dildo). Eventually, RealTouch or something similar, might be an option on every MSN Messenger menu bar….

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