Remote Controlled Sex Dolls – The Ultimate In Teledildonics

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Sex robots that can move and talk, self-heat and lubricate, and even tell you the capital of Mongolia, are almost here. But until they can actually feel your penis inside of them, they will continue to be little more than sophisticated Fleshlights, and sex with them no more than advanced masturbation.

3d cloned sex doll robot

However, there is another way that sexbots could fulfill the male psychological need for something real and responsive at the other end of their dicks – as the ultimate teledildonic toy, operated remotely by a real person. This could ultimately even become true virtual (remote) sex, with the use of haptic sensors and perhaps virtual reality.

This has been predicted for a long time (including here), and now an ambitious technology entrepreneur – Roberto Cardenas – wants to make it happen. According to a recent report in the Daily Star..

Budding sex doll entrepreneur Roberto Cardenas says he is exploring virtual reality technology for Eden Robotics.

His part-time project has already set its sights on creating sex robots with artificial intelligence (AI) eyes that follow humans around a room.

But now he says he wants to produce dolls that humans can control themselves.

Speaking to author Jenny Kleeman in her new book, Sex Robots and Vegan Meat, he said: “We are interested in incorporating virtual reality technologies, so couples in long distance relationships can control the doll with their movements.

“We want her to have relationships with real people.”

The disabled could make love to a partner using technology as described above. Elderly couples could have sex with each other via sex doll bodies that are ultra-realistic copies of their youthful selves. The military and others working overseas for long periods could enjoy sex with their partners on another continent via teledildonic dolls.

Unfortunately, this sexual enfranchisement of the elderly, disabled, separated or lonely, may never happen to the increasing momentum of the mentally disturbed anti-sex robot campaigners.

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