Russian Stepsister in VR Xmas Gift Special

stacy cruz vr porn special

Stepsister shocked at your dildo Xmas present

Your 18 year old teen stepsister is intrigued by your choice of Xmas gift – a big dildo…

Stacy Cruz Stars In ‘All She Wants For Christmas Is Your Cock’

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The following is an updated re-post of a review from last year (2017) of this classic, and very kinky Xmas VR porn movie from VirtualTaboo and starring young Russian cutie Stacy Cruz.

What a lovely young stepsister you have in Russian hottie Stacy Cruz, and who generous you are to buy her an expensive dildo for her Christmas gift. She’s a little confused and surprised when she opens her naughty present in front of you (dressed in a sexy Santa girl outfit), but can’t help trying it out on her muff right there and then. The dildo quickly does its job in working her up to a near climax of lust, ready for you – her own stepbrother for Christ’s sake – to slide your cock in and finish the job. The sex is great, and your schlong will truly be ridden hard by this girl. Unfortunately, Virtual Taboo doesn’t seem to have any partnerships with haptic sex toys, but for VR headset fun alone, it’s definitely in my top 5 sites, and Stacy Cruz is most certainly in my top 5 hottest VR babes of all-time.

Stacy Cruz Russian Teen Girl Virtual Reality Sex Movie Photos

Virtual Taboo kinky stepsister sex

Virtual Taboo Christmas VR Porn Special

Stacy Cruz Russian VR Girl

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