Smart Sex Toy Arcwave Ion Allows Men to Experience ‘Female Orgasms’

Arcwave Ion 1
photo credit – Arcwave

The revolutionary We-Vibe was one of the first successful teledildonic toys, enabling men to pleasure their female partners remotely, while also experiencing their own penis stimulated by the same toy. Nonetheless, the emphasis was very much on the women’s needs, and the We-Vibe is also a high quality solo vibrator for women. But now the same company behind the We-Vibe are hoping to shake up the male smart sex toy market, with the launch last week of the Arcwave Ion, also branded as the ‘Newgasm’ – an air powered male masturbator that its creators promise can give men the equivalent of a ‘female orgasm’.


Although many sophisticated male masturbators employ air pressure for stimuation these days, including the famous Japanese ‘Tenga‘ brand of male sex toys, the Ion is claimed to be able to sense the movement of the penis and apply the air pressure intelligently and accordingly for maximum pleasure. The air pressure targets certain nerves on the penis that apparently make a male orgasm more akin to a female one.

Arcwave Ion produces female orgasm in men
The Arcwave Ion is claimed to produce female orgasms in men – photo credit Arcwave

This may sound like nonsense to somebody who has only used Fleshlights or their own hand when masturbating, but as an experienced tester of both air pressure male toys and men’s vibrators, I can vouch for the fact that an orgasm brought about by extended stimulation of the nerves of the penis head, does feel very different to the usual climax produced by frenzied stroking – either in a sex toy or in a real vagina. It’s what I would imagine a female orgasm feels like. Regular users of prostate toys often say the same thing.

However, looking at the marketing of this toy, a Devil’s Advocate point of view might be that it’s a sad indication of a world in which male sexual pleasure is now only valid if defined in terms of a female orgasm.

The Ion is produced by a company branded as ‘Arcwave’, but it appears to be the same company behind the We-Vibe. It’s available to order for $199.

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