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The Future Of Augmented Reality Porn In 2021 And Beyond

I recently reported that BadoinkVR has become the third VR site to offer augmented reality porn. Although at the moment there is only a free demo of one girl, it’s an encouraging sign that perhaps AR porn is finally about to take off. Badoink had first teased the prospect of AR girls several years ago.… Read More »

Holodexxx.com Officially Launches

Perhaps the most interesting VR porn site out there officially launched this week.  Holodexxx.com uses 3D scanning technology to create ultra-realistic 3D avatars of famous pornstars  that can then be featured in customized and interactive virtual reality porn scenes. The same techniques will presumably be used to generate holo porn and other augmented/mixed reality porn.… Read More »

Holodexxx.com Reveals Possibilities of the New Immersive Porn

Several new vr porn sites sprung up in the last week or so, but one in particular is worth noting as it gives a tantalizing glimpse of the possibilities that the new immersive porn forms – both vr and holo/augmented – contain. Holodexxx.com employs 3D scanning of real live models to create a virtual world… Read More »