Downloading Body Scans of Celebs & Pornstars with the HoloLens

Whilst virtual reality porn is currently attracting the most media attention, it might be that ‘augmented reality porn’ will ultimately be what transforms our sex lives. With ar porn (or ‘mixed reality porn’) it will be possible to mix sexual fantasy into our everday reality – the potential uses are far greater than with virtual reality, which blocks out the real world.

The HoloLens and other augmented reality devices could change not only the way we view porn, but the way we have sex. With the HoloLens expected to be released in the next year, it might soon be possible to not only see pornstars and naked celebrities on your own bed, but even to have sex with your partner seeing her (or him) as a famous pornstar or celeb.

Adult company SugarDVD is certainly thinking along those lines, and is looking forward to a future in which you can visit their store and download a 3D body scan of a pornstar or perhaps a famous celebrity such as Kim Kardashian.

“Where the adult industry innovates, the tech industry is quick to flourish,” Bolen said.

As we mentioned, pornography was quick to adopt technologies like VHS, DVD, and the Internet, and — surprise, surprise — people bought VHS players, DVD players, and PCs. SugarDVD thinks the same will happen for VR and AR.

And the company is already posing some serious questions about how this tech will change not only porn but also the notion of identity. Here are some things that SugarDVD is asking:

“What is a one-night stand going to look like 20 years from now?”
“What will sexting be like 10 years from now?”

The company is even posing the idea of “downloadable body scans.”

“Instead of Kim Kardashian’s photos ‘breaking the Internet,’ it could be her body
scan, for downloadable use in augmented reality,” reads the SugarDVD press release.

The possibility of sex or virtual porn involving downloaded 3D body scans using devices such as the HoloLens might even lead to pirated or hacked body scans, something which would make the recent ‘fappening‘ seem trivial in comparion – and it’s a scenario that was warned about back in 2012 in the following article :

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