Virtual Taboo Returns To Form This Year With Fresh Teen Talent

young Russian girl St Martha revealing exposed breast

Virtual Taboo have always been regarded as one of the top 5 VR porn sites, not only by myself but by many other reviewers and fans. Famous, or perhaps infamous, for employing kinky story lines with a ‘stepfamily’ theme, they were also noted for introducing some of the best young talent that Eastern Europe has to offer to the world of VR porn. By the end of last year, their casting had become a bit too ordinary for my taste, but especially since early summer, they’ve bounced back to top form with the introduction of some real young lovelies that you’ll find hard to resist in VR – even if they are your own ‘stepsister’ or even ‘stepdaughter’! Here’s my pick of the best of the new generation of taboo talent.

1 # St Martha – 18/19 Russia/Ukraine ??

Little is known about this pigtailed young cutie. She appears not to have starred in ANY porn films before her Virtual Taboo debut last month. Hopefully she is not a ‘one and done’ type of girl and we get to see plenty more of her. No tattoos, pert breasts, and innocent face whose cheeks actually turn a little red as she is being fucked hard…this girl is perfect, especially for the videos of Virtual Taboo.

St Martha in ‘Daddy I’m Leaving Home.’

Fuck Her Now In VR

St Martha In ‘How Do You Like It?’

Join Her Now In VR

2 # Matty – 18 Years Old Belarussian?

‘College girl’ Matty, only made her debut for Virtual Taboo in August, yet has already made four videos for the site, including letting you fuck her as her ‘stepfather’, ‘stepbrother’, and even letting you share her tight body with your buxom wife Dolly Diore. Unlike ‘St Martha’ above, I managed to discover a little more about Matty. If this is the same girl, then she has appeared as an erotic model recently for MetArt X, and from her biography there, is an 18 year old from Belarus.

Matty in ‘Family Cum Day’

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3# Freya Mayer – 20 Year Old Russian Girl

Barely out of her teens, fresh faced Russian sweetheart Freya Meyer had already starred in a number of hardcore porn videos before making the decision to let thousands of us fuck her in virtual reality courtesy of Virtual Taboo. Another lovely young cutie unspoiled by tattoos or implants, and who looks absolutely ravishing in a plaid school skirt and white socks. Although now 21, she was still only 20 when making her VR porn appearances in the summer.

Freya Mayer In ‘Voodoo For Bimbo’

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4 # Liya Silver – 22 Year Old Russian Beauty

Born in St Petersburg in 1999, Liya Silver is a 22 year old Russian babe who has been appearing both hardcore and softcore videos since she was a teenager. The only other VR movies of her I can find are when she made six softcore erotic videos for StasyQ VR a couple of years ago, the first of which (see below) was made when she was still a sweet and innocent 19 year old teen.

Liya Silver In ‘Close Your Eyes And I’ll Do The Rest’

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Liya Silver In ‘Perky Dancer’ (StasyQ VR)

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5 # Sheryl X – 18/19 Russian/Ukrainian Teen Girl?

I’m only placing the gorgeous redheaded babe Sheryl X at the bottom of this list because she sadly has only made two movies for Virtual Taboo, both back in March, so who knows if we will ever see her again in VR? She did also make a video for sister site DarkRoomVR shortly after, and she has an OnlyFans page if you’re really smitten by her charms.

Sheryl X In ‘Wanna See My Wood’

Watch the Full Movie at Virtual Taboo

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