VR Bangers Launch Smell VR, Letting You Sniff The Scent Of Pornstars

Smell VR headset attachment

VR Bangers, one of the leading virtual reality porn sites, has launched a VR headset peripheral that promises to push the immersive experience to ‘the next level’. The company claim that their headset attachment, which they call ‘Smell VR’, will allow viewers to smell the aroma of pornstars as they have sex with them in virtual reality. A tiny dropper bottle can be inserted into the ‘Smell VR‘ extension and inhaled while you have your headset on. Four different bottles of scent are currently advertised on the VR Bangers website – Teenage Dreams, Squirt Delight, MILF sensations, and Happy Ending. Each of the four different aromas are claimed to be composed of unique mixtures of ‘thousands of different scents’. Unfortunately, the attachment only appears to work on the VR Bangers own propriety headset, and they are bought together as a package – which appears to be currently sold out.

Thanks to our prototype scent generator capable of working with hundreds of different scents, you will feel the VR porn more than ever.

Our patented technology stimulates tactile sensations to immerse you even deeper – letting you smell the body of your favorite VR porn star and feel like being there with her in a way that until now was only a dream.

We have worked with the best perfumers and olfactologists to make sure that our scents are second to none in terms of their quality and realism – you will be surprised how important the smell is and how with Smell VR extension your brain will perceive VR porn in an entirely new way.

VR Bangers claim that adding the sense of smell will ‘push your VR porn experiences
to the next level’, for complete immersion. It’s certainly plausible that the addition of smell could make a big difference. The global perfume industry is estimated at $40 billion, with the female market constituting the majority of it. Smell can certainly play a part in sexual attraction, as well as surely tricking the brain in VR to think that the girl is really there.

This is not an entirely new idea, and something like it has been tried before in XR porn. As long ago as 2009, and the very first 3D stereo porn site (at least in the West) Adult 4D, offered members perfume scents of each of their actresses, to sniff while they viewed them in action wearing 3D glasses.

Webcam site CamSoda also claimed to offer something similar for their ‘virtual reality cams’, although like their foray into VR, as well as their promise of ‘holographic girls’, this was just another cheap promotional stunt by them.

More recently, the New York based company FEELREAL Inc. launched a crowd funding campaign to create a VR headset extension that would allow you to authentically smell any number of different aromas, as well as feel heat, wind and other sensory experiences. Somewhat predictably for something so ambitious, the project is now ‘on hold‘.

However, research teams are working on this tech, and even on enabling various smells to be transmitted through the internet, and into your VR headset or augmented reality glasses. Although, admittedly, speaking in 2019, they were realistic as to the possible time frame in which this might be possible.

Cheok said it might take decades before the sorts of devices he envisions are ready to use. But he thinks devices that convey pre-programmed odors for entertainment applications — for example, to give moviegoers the generic scent of burnt rubber as they watch a car chase in an action movie — might be available sooner, perhaps within 15 years.

And of course, the idea itself really dates all the way back to the 1960’s, and the famous ‘Smell-O-Vision‘.

Smell VR is an interesting idea. Whether or not VR Bangers are exaggerating about the amount of scents and science that have gone into creating their aromas, it should add to the immersive experience of VR porn. What I would like to see is perhaps the addition of pheromones, and perhaps ‘the love hormone’ oxytocin. These molecules allegedly have the power to influence the brain into bonding with the opposite sex, both emotionally and sexually. Obviously, various countries have different laws regulating such things, which might make it difficult for a VR porn company to experiment with. Although I guess you could substitute your own bottles in the Smell VR attachment. Some hardcore fans on the OcculusNSFW Reddit, have detailed their attempts to combine cannabis inhalation with VR porn viewing for intense immersion. (DISCLAIMER – I am not suggesting or advising anyone to try these things!)

When looking at the VR Bangers site to read up on their Smell VR page, I did notice that they have apparently dropped their AR porn app. It has been replaced, it seems, by Smell VR on their ‘specials’ menu.

Vice magazine has a report on Smell VR, including comments from the CEO of VR Bangers Daniel Abramovich.

Daniel Abramovich, CEO and co-founder of VR Bangers, had some answers for me. “Scents are created with a combination of perfumes and real smells of women. As women age, they have different smells of their bodies, hair, vagina, sweat, etc.,” he told me in an email. “Each scent has its own unique smell. For example, ‘Happy Ending’ has a real vagina smell, ‘MILF Sensation’ has a heavier perfume smell, ‘Squirt Delight’ has a slight scent of a woman squirt and ‘Teenage Dream’ has a natural hair smell with a pinch of sweet perfume. We’ve also talked to our most popular pornstars to determine what perfumes, shampoos or any other natural body product they use to create their scents.”

The headset/scent dispensing device combo looks to be a package deal, and not something you can combine with an Oculus or Vive you may already own. Abramovich said it would work with cardboard VR goggles, however. According to VR Bangers’ site, it’s “sold out” at the time of writing, which included the 500 initially-released units. It’s going for a retail price of $299, which includes four smells.

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