Will ‘Ready Player One’ be the breakthrough moment for VR?

Steven Spielberg has achieved many incredible things in his successful career as a film director, but providing the blockbuster to kickstart VR porn might be a big ask. The film is based upon the recent sci-fi blockbuster of the same name penned by Ernest Cline. The storyline revolves around a future world in which people use truly immersive virtual reality to escape the dystopian society that has arisen by 2044, the year the story takes place. Most film buffs predict that the movie is almost guarenteed to be a huge blockbuster, and could give a massive lift to VR headset sales. 3D porn sales nearly a decade ago were driven by the success of Avatar and the consequent but all too brief explosion in 3D tv sales. Ready Player One might have a similar effect in boosting VR headset sales among young males, and thereby massively enlarging the current pitiful size of the potential VR porn market.

According to a top investment analyst :

The latest Hollywood blockbuster from filmmaker Steven Spielberg — a science-fiction action-adventure movie called “Ready Player One” — could provide a lift to adoption of virtual reality headsets and thus sales of the graphics chips used to power them.

That’s the assessment of Jefferies analyst Mark Lipacis. In a report Monday, Lipacis said “Ready Player One,” scheduled for release on March 29, could be a catalyst for graphics chipmakers Nvidia (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

However, this optimistic sentiment isn’t shared by all, and one Forbe’s investment expert poured cold water on the hope that this could be a pivotal moment for VR :

    An ‘electronics-game savvy audience’ is likely already familiar with the current VR offerings, and has either already chosen to accept or reject them. A VR themed movie should have pretty much no sway over this crowd.
    VR’s primary problem is not that people don’t think VR is fun or cool. It’s that it costs a lot of money, and that the tech in its current form is far more cumbersome than what’s featured in a movie like Ready Player One, a world where VR headsets are little more than ski goggles with screens. While wireless VR headsets are finally starting to be made, for the most part right now they’re a jumble of cords and sensors right now that can prove nightmarish to set up and maintain.
    The vision of VR that Ready Player One projects, a shared, totally immersive, limitless world, is not even close to the reality of current VR.

Ready Player One is released worldwide on Thursday next week (29th March). Here’s the impressive official trailer for the movie :

And for a humorous take on the hopes the VR industry are pinning on Ready Player One…


Not to mention the Octopus Glo, I mean the Oculus Go…


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