Another Survey Finds Majority OK With Robot Sex

woman cuddling a sex robot in bed

woman cuddling a sex robot in bedAnother survey has been published on attitudes towards sex with robots, again finding that the majority appear to think it is broadly acceptable, while again showing something of a sharp divide between male and female respondents.

A study by the University of Helsinki asked people to describe their moral attitude to a sci-fi scenario in which a human character visits respectively a robot sex brothel and a human sex brothel in the year 2035. The majority of respondents, it seems, were positive about the character visiting the brothels, including the sex robot brothel, but were not approving, if the character was stated as being married. Women were much more negative in their judgment than male respondents, especially as regards the cheating John.

The full results of the survey are due to be presented at David Levy‘s fourth ‘Love and Sex with Robots conference‘ and, unfortunately, the original article is behind a paywall at New Scientist.

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