Apple Vision Pro Tech Shows The Exciting Future Of Live VR Sex Chat

Vision Pro

Live VR cams are proving a popular sub-niche of the adult VR market. Everybody who has tried chatting with a live VR cam girl will know it’s a highly intense and intimate experience, that goes well beyond what simply fapping off to a 2D live cam can do. Many VR cam girls also use remote haptic sex toys, that the viewer can operate, and even enjoy using a haptic masturbator that the webcam girl can control whilst he is viewing her in VR. But there has always been one big limiting factor that has held live VR sex chat back. This is the fact that while the male viewer feels himself in the same room as the VR cam girl, the girl herself doesn’t feel that sense of presence, because for obvious reasons, she is not wearing a VR headset during the chat.

However, this won’t always be the case. And how this will eventually change is demonstrated by the wild tech of the new Apple Vision Pro. It reveals how it will be possible for both the male viewer, and the live VR cam girl, to wear a VR heaset, and yet both see each other as though neither were wearing a face-obstructing gadget. That’s because Apple Vision Pro headset enables hyper-realistic avatars, or ‘digital personas’, that are simply produced by scanning the wearer’s head before the chat, using the front 3D volumetric camera. VR news site explains :

For video conferencing apps like Zoom, Messenger, Discord, Google Meet, which expect access to the front-camera of an iPhone or iPad, Apple has done something clever for Vision Pro.

Instead of a live camera view, Vision Pro provides a view of the headset’s computer-generated avatar of the user (which Apple calls a ‘Persona’). That means that video chat apps that are built according to Apple’s existing guidelines should work on Vision Pro without any changes to how the app handles camera input.

Persona’s use the headset’s front cameras to scan the user’s face to create a model, then the model is animated according to head, eye, and hand inputs tracked by the headset.

Apple Vision Pro man scanning his head with front camera
Image courtesy of Apple/RoadToVR_com

Apple confirmed as much in a WWDC developer session called Enhance your iPad and iPhone apps for the Shared Space. The company also confirmed that apps asking for access to a rear-facing camera (ie: a photography app) on Apple Vision Pro will get only black frames with a ‘no camera’ symbol. This alerts the user that there’s no rear-facing camera available, but also means that iOS and iPad apps will continue to run without errors, even when they expect to see a rear-facing camera.

Apple Vision Pro conference
Image courtesy of Apple/RoadToVR_com

There’s potentially other reasons that video chat apps like Zoom, Messenger, or Discord might not work with Apple Vision Pro right out of the box, but at least as far as camera handling goes, it should be easy for developers to get video chats up and running using a view of the user’s Persona.

Of course, it’s unlikely Apple would allow any 3rd party app for live VR sex cams, and on top of that, the digital personas appear to show only the face, head, shoulders, and hopefully arms and hands, which are all tracked in real-time by cameras and sensors inside the headset. But the fact that even this is possible right now, and appears to work so well, means it does show that the future of live VR sex chat is going to be very exciting, and not so far away. Perhaps in a decade’s time, most VR (and AR) headsets will have this sort of tech as standard. The VR cam girl would still need to have a VR camera placed externally, as she does now, for the male viewer to see her entire body, which could be stitched together seamlessly with her ‘avatar’ head using AI. The cam girl could ‘see’ him in VR, holding the haptic vibrator that is deep in her pussy, as he controls its intensity and vibrations.

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