Australian Sex Robot Documentary

sex robots - whats the problem

An Australian sex robot documentary asks if sex robots are a force for good or a growing threat. As many of the comments underneath point out, they are certainly a threat to feminists. Given that the journalist in the documentary appears to be a feminist, then you should know how the documentary answers its own question.

Notice that the documentary starts off with some weird guy who has allegedly ‘married’ his sex robot (not sure that would be legal in Australia), sitting on the sofa with his robotic wife (and pair of sex doll ‘lovers’) while reading works of philosophy with ‘her’. Not sure if these men exist in real life or if they are paid by the documentary makers to act like weirdos. In any case, as far as the aim of the aim of the documentary is concerned – to present sex robots as a threat and the men who want them as being oddball creeps – they certainly serve their purpose. Pretty sure if it was only these type of men who sex robots would appeal to, then feminists wouldn’t even notice them.

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