Two VirtualRealPorn Classics from the Archives

I was looking at some old VirtualRealPorn stuff the other day, and the quality of some of their early stuff was very, very good. Not that it isn’t still, but it made me consider that perhaps virtual reality porn hasn’t progressed as much as some people think. Yes, the resolution has gotten better, and yes, of course filming techniques have improved (but not drastically so). On the other hand, studios seemed more inventive perhaps, in the earlier days (2015 and early 2016), eager to explore the possibilities of VR, with numerous role plays such as gender switches, race changes, and even filming in black and white. There seemed also to be a greater variety of backdrops, and in my opinion, both and BadoinkVR had a better selection of fresher and younger models.

Well, maybe you disagree, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the following two videos are definitely VR porn classics.

Amarna Miller Stars in After Class

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Cecillia Models Stars in Sweet Cecillia

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