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BabeVR Proving Yourself

BabeVR with another fine addition to their rosta of beautiful girl VR POV movies.

The background to the scene is the idea that you’re being interviewed by the babe (Kenna James) for some role where a key skill required is to make her cum whenever she wants. As she’s doing most of the action on your (stunt) cock, this doesn’t involve much effort on your part.

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BabeVR Prove Yourself

BabeVR porn movie review

BabeVR Proving Yourself VR site

Personally I’m a big fan, but I recently asked the OculusNSFW subreddit what they thought of the BabeVR style of shooting (POV, but with a literal stunt cock instead of a male actor), and most of the respondants seem to think that this is an interesting approach with a lot of advantages and further potential. I also learned that some of the actresses only do this kind of scene with a synthetic stunt cock rather than a male actor – so you get to have virtual sex with these babes whereas the poor old male actor is out of a job 🙂

Some example responses :

[–]StripzVR 20 points 3 days ago
If the girl doesn’t do B/G then why not! My experiences with this is I mostly only look at the models face, tits etc anyway whilst she’s riding! Its all about the connection to me…..

It’s not to save on money, rather these girls don’t shoot in bg scenes.

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[–]MechaMatrix 12 points 3 days ago
Yup..and its a great middle ground. Darcie Dolce won’t shoot B/G scenes…this stunt cock with vr is a great alternative cause you can pretend to fuck her..and you get the immersion too.

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[–]Amir-Rand 4 points 3 days ago
This. DD is my favorite, and if this is the only way I’ll get to get POV stuff of her, I’m fine with it.

BabeVR’s torso is a pretty good alternative for non bg talent. I think a slightly more substantial torso could help make their shoots even better. Something between what they have now and the full size uncanny valley dolls, a full doll would be weird I think, but a little more chest and stumps might make it easier to work with, IDK.

And an official rep of BabeVR even commented :

[–]BabeVRBabeVR Official 2 points 2 days ago
Thanks for starting this thread, lads! Really interesting to hear your thoughts about our content. We’re still relatively new – we launched back in December so we are still ironing out some of the creases, but so far we are very happy with the way things are going! But yeah, one of the main reasons we started this site was to highlight some of the industries hottest stars that don’t shoot B/G these days. Sometimes we go with our resident big dick, Tommy Torso, other times we go with a selection of toys. It’s interesting to hear your guy’s thoughts. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message. If you haven’t had a chance to see any of our content yet, here’s a 3-minute trailer for ya! 🙂

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