Black Friday Sex Robot & Doll Sale at Silicone Wives

Luxury sex doll retailer and now sex robot seller ‘Silicone Wives‘ are holding a fantastic Black Friday sale of many of their amazingly realistic products. If some of these items were tantalizingly out of reach of your pocket before, they might just be attainable for the next few days at least.

Take for example the stunningly beautiful doll ‘Auburn’. This fiery red head wont let you down, and is one of the most realistic sex dolls I’ve seen.  If you’re not a fan of red headed beauties, then of course you can select a different hair color, but in my view her whole ‘look’ goes with the beautiful red hair.

Normally $2,499, you can purchase Auburn today for just $1,999 and be having sex with her this week.

auburn luxury sex doll

amazingly realistic luxury sex doll

luxury sex doll Black Friday sale

And I’m also pleased to inform you that sweet Emma, one of the world’s first sex robots, and in my opinion currently the best, also has a whopping $500 off her normal price for the next ten days.

Emma the sex robot costs just $4,499 for the next ten days – click to visit her product page

Emma the sex robot

Emma sex robot ass

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