First pictures of Roxxxy True Companion Sex Robot

First pictures have filtered through online of the much anticipated unveiling of Roxxy True Companion – ‘the world’s first robotic sex doll’.  And, quite honestly, they are something of a letdown.

Roxxxy in a very robotic pose
Roxxxy in a very robotic pose
At least you can take her head off before making love
At least you can take her head off before making love to her

 Of course, we won’t have any idea as to what level of robotic movement and Artificial Intelligence has been programmed into Roxxxy until tomorrow (Saturday) so we can only hope that her designers devoted more skill to these aspects than to her looks.  Unless this thing can actually poledance, striptease, give me a handjob etc, I think we might have been better served by simply adding remote controlled arms or something to a RealDoll. At the moment TrueCompanion appears to be nothing more than an inflatable love doll that can perhaps move its limbs and say ‘I love you’ in five different Dalek voices. I hope I’m not prejudging Roxxxy too much, but my first impression is that she will only showcase how far we really are from having sex robots in the bedroom.  Maybe we should just leave these things to the Japanese?

If you need cheering up, and on the subject of RealDolls pole dancing, this photo is from the same Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas :

Roxxxy who?
Roxxxy who?

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