XBiz Looks at Haptic Toys, Drones, & Other Trends in Cams

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Adult industry mouthpiece Xbiz this week took a look at trends shaping the future of sex chat cams, and it appears very futuristic indeed, with webcam performers now not only using haptic toys, but also cams fitted on drones that the viewer could operate.

Plunging head-first into the more technical considerations, Chaturbate COO Shirley Lara says the company encourages all of its broadcasters to learn the ins-and-outs of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), highlighting the popular platform’s tech-forward approach where creative camming can be as much about scripting as it is about smiles.

“OBS streaming allows broadcasters to add plug-ins and adjust settings to give fans a more immersive experience and to be even more creative in their broadcasts,” Lara explains, noting, “We have seen very cool things like drones used as a live web camera and the use of overlays that allow broadcasters to insert animations over their live broadcasts, or to appear as if they are camming in a completely different setting.”

It is one example of how nouveau niceties can make a real difference in providing the creative edge that separates “the girl in a million” from the crowd. Another way is by boosting interactivity — especially through the use of haptic devices, otherwise known as teledildonics, which literally provides a direct physical link between lovers that may be a world apart.

In a nod to the leadership leveraging ability that new tools can provide, Flirt4Free VP Brad Estes tells XBIZ that camming technology continues to evolve rapidly both in the quality of the broadcasts and new ways for performers and customers to interact online.

“At Flirt4Free we recently expanded our video footprint, providing additional data centers closer to key broadcasting areas around the world,” Estes says. “These data centers feature sophisticated technology to split streams into a variety of bitrates to deliver the end-user a low latency stream at a bitrate their device can handle.”

Estes notes that improving the level of interactivity and presence via haptics is another key theme for 2018 that the company is focused on.

“Our site is a market leader in allowing customers and performers to interact with a variety of adult toys,” Estes explains. “Performers who take advantage of the new interactive technology open themselves up to a large audience of highly engaged and tech-savvy customers who love the ability to interact on a deeper level.”

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