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The Advent Of VR Porn Cams

Guest contributor Jack discusses the rise of VR porn cams with the CEO of a pioneering live virtual reality sex chat site. The Advent of VR Porn Cams I wrote a while ago that more vr porn cams are coming up this year and here it is! Just a few days ago was the launch… Read More »

XBiz Looks at Haptic Toys, Drones, & Other Trends in Cams

Adult industry mouthpiece Xbiz this week took a look at trends shaping the future of sex chat cams, and it appears very futuristic indeed, with webcam performers now not only using haptic toys, but also cams fitted on drones that the viewer could operate. Plunging head-first into the more technical considerations, Chaturbate COO Shirley Lara… Read More »

CamSoda Partners with Real Doll for ‘Virtual Intercourse With Real People’ (VIRP)

I’ve always thought that the ultimate virtual sex experience would involve real people and sex dolls. No matter how convincing either virtual reality porn or sex robots become (at least until virtual reality or robots become conscious), most men will always crave the psychological aspect of sex with a real person – otherwise the experience… Read More »