Lockdowns Promote Internet Sex Toys.. And Perhaps Digisexuality

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It has been reported in Rolling Stone magazine that sales of internet connected sex toys such as the Kiiroo Onyx+, are growing rapidly during the coronavirus crisis. The popular women’s sex toy company WeVibe, whose haptic vibrators can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, has also reported a notable uptick in demand. This mirrors a reported spike in the sales of sex toys in general in countries that have been affected by lockdowns the longest and hardest already, namely Spain and Italy

While sales of sex toys, particularly internet connected ones for remote sex, as well as VR porn, would be expected to increase in these unprecedented times, the million dollar question is whether it will trigger a long term trend. Many think that if these quarantines last many weeks, or even months, as seems likely, the habits and adaptations to new ways of living that people make during them might last further into the post-Coronavirus world.

While long distance relationships needs may be boosting sales of the WeVibe, other haptic toys may be seeing more demand because men are using them whilst connected to VR porn and the like. Many internet connected sex toys like the Kiiroo can be simply synched up to pre-recorded online material, such as VR porn, and sometimes even allow a degree of interaction in 3D digital sex games. Of course, it’s understandable that a media outlet such as the Rolling Stone have chosen a ‘dating in the time of Coronavirus’ angle for their article, but you could easily make the case that quarantines will help to promote the trend of digisexuality. If you haven’t come across this term before, it was coined by the academcis Dr. Neil McArthur and Dr. Markie to refer to a new tech enabled phenomenon in which individuals increasingly no longer require other humans at all in order to gain sexual satisfaction. Instead, they can do so through technology – such as digital VR worlds connected to haptic sex toys.

Sex trends observer Lux Alptraum admits in the Rolling Stones article that remote sex between people online, using sex toys, is still not close to the real thing :

“People have this fantasy of logging on to Tinder and having a Tinder date where you’re engaging in this,” says Alptraum. “But it’s like, ‘Well, there’s just a lot of logistic hurdles and it’s not the same as in-person sex. It’s a different experience.”

However, for many single men weighing up the costs and rewards of pursuing a real relationship after months in lockdown, a realization might have occured, that whilst haptic sex with VR pornstars and the like might not be the same as real sex, it’s certainly better than regular, old masturbation or fapping to porn used to be.

And although different to real sex, it’s arguable that haptic sex can offer pleasures for men, that no real world encounter could. For example, the Kiiroo Onyx+ can move up and down your penis at up to 140 strokes a minute. Not only is it the case, that no woman who ever lived could match that, but it is the case, that a sufficiently well coded and animated 3D digital babe synched to the haptic sex toy, could.

Haptic masturbation and virtual sex in digital 3D worlds, might be encouraged even further by the fact that porn studios, including VR porn studios, are having to stop production during the lockdowns under Safe Distance rules. Perhaps VR porn fans will be motivated to get more from their existing content by trying masturbators like the Onyx+ with them? Perhaps also, digital 3D VR porn – its content creation largely unaffected by lockdowns – will become more popular, and take further leaps forward? Already, when viewing some of the animations and work being done right now, it’s very easy to see it as the future of adult entertainment, Coronavirus or not.

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