Makeup Removal App Causes Controversy

#MakeAPP is a new app for the iPhone that lets users upload photos of women and ‘removes their makeup’ to allegedly let you see their natural look. Unsurprisingly, it has already upset a lot of people, with some feminists going so far to call it ‘a plot to make men think all woman are ugly‘.

MakeApp ugly controversy

Augmented reality carries the potential to enhance a person’s physical beauty, to turn them younger, taller, or even into another person. It is ironic that the first AR ‘beauty’ application to gain widespread attention actually succeeds by ‘de-augmenting’ a person’s physical beauty.

It’s unclear as to how accurate the application is. Many women and female journalists are claiming it isn’t accurate at all, and rather than revealing the real or natural look of a woman without her makeup, actually overdoes it and adds imperfections and ugliness that isn’t there. However, when a photographer as part of an art project shot a number of famous pornstars without their makeup on a few years ago, the results were fairly shocking to many and very much comparable to the results of MakeApp.

Brenda Moreno pornstar without makeup

pornstars without their makeup MakeApp

A number of videos and websites revealing the makeup transformations behind the beauty of South Korean girls have gone viral in recent years :

All women and quite a few men have always known that there is not much that is ‘natural’ to female beauty. A common reaction to cosmetic surgery, and the inevitable prospect of such things as genetically enhanced beauty, is that the result can never be ‘real’ or ‘natural’ no matter how good the end appearance. But beauty as a result of permanent physical modification is surely more real than a daily application of makeup. ‘Permanent makeup’ such as eyebrow tinting is increasingly popular, and soon such results will be achieved in an even more fundamental way through gene editing. In fact, a man recently became the first person to ‘biohack’ himself using a home CRISPR gene editing kit, in order to give himself bigger muscles. It wont be long before women will be routinely changing the color of their eyes, hair or even skin, growing bigger breasts etc, either through such home DIY kits or at cosmetic clinics. For men, a bigger penis through gene editing will probably soon follow from any success with the muscle building genes.

As for augmented reality, we can expect more controversy. There is no reason why an app could not be created soon, making use of AI and the depth sensing 3D camera of the iPhone X, to remove a woman’s clothes and produce a highly accurate naked image of any female thus photographed…with or without her makeup on.

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