Naughty America AR And Strip Club Returns As ‘Real Girls Now’

Real Girls Now AR girl dancing on bridge

Fantastic news for fans of AR porn fans this month, as the much missed 3D volumetric girls of Naughty America Strip Club have returned to a new home – Real Girls Now. The decision to shelve the AR/VR app last year, perhaps permanently it seemed, was quite inexplicable to me. Naughty America had established a clear lead in the adult AR market. Not only that, but with their 3D creation features that allowed users to generate their own models and share them in virtual sex worlds with others, they were positioning themselves as the first adult metaverse – something that could be worth billions in just a few years.

Certainly we are on the cusp of an AR revolution, with imminant releases of headsets capable of AR and mixed reality from Meta (Project Cambria or the Quest Pro) and even Apple. While the limited attempts at AR porn thus far (incouding Strip Club) have been disappointing, that’s largely due to the fact that having to view the girls through your smartphone becomes tiresome after about 30 seconds. When the first AR headsets arrive, followed soon after by AR glasses, then AR porn could quite quickly become bigger than VR porn.

One of the reasons why Naughty America Strip Club enjoyed by far the greatest amount of success of any so far attempted AR porn site, was that you can view the expensively 3D volumetric scanned pornstars in VR as well as on your (AR) smartphone. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the site has been resurrected, just in time for the forthcoming release of the new Meta headset that will allow the placement of 3D scanned objects into your home environment.


When you access the web based app, you are given the choice between the AR girls (this is the ‘Real Girls’) and the Strip Club where you can see the girls in a VR environment. I’m going to post a fuller review shortly, but my initial impressions is that the AR app has certainly been improved. I counted 40+ animations for you to experience. The pornstars appear to be the same as before, but the menu system and controls are better than since I last looked at their old version. You can control the strength and even angle of the shadow cast by the girls, for example. Positioning the girls is easy, although moving them around takes a little bit of practice. You can have multiple girls doing their thing at once. You can see one of the girls in action in the movie above, in which she pole dances on what appears to be a bridge. Don’t forget to check out the updated ranking list of the best AR porn sites and apps.

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