Naughty America infuriates subscribers with new pricing model

Naughty America were one of the pioneers of virtual reality. And even before that, they were the first major studio to start filming 4K ultra-hd content. Unfortunately, it seems that their investment in future porn tech trends has backfired, and they are now in deep financial difficulties. For over a year, the company behind Naughty America has been slow in paying webmasters who have promoted their content (personally I am owed over $30,000 by them).

Now, however, they’ve angered their customers by introducing a new pricing model as a way to seemingly improve their financial position. In particular, it appears that EXISTING CUSTOMERS are being denied access to (at least some) new content, after the introduction of ‘channels’ which even paid subscribers have to pay again to access.

Redditers at the Oculus NSFW sub have been up in arms :

This has been sort of covered in other posts. But I want to be super clear: Existing members are being locked out of content with the introduction of “Channels”. PSE, T&A, and FMA are all being locked for existing members. This is a seriously shady business practice. If they do not reverse on this I will definitely never pay for NA content ever again.

So, please consider this as a warning before signing up to NA.

Edit: Proof in another post in this thread.

Edit2: After some back and forth with NA customer service, they refused to make things right. Have now cancelled. NA will not see me again.

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