New York Subway Lifts Ban On Sex Toy Advertising

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Ads for Female Sexual Wellness Products Allowed on New York Subway

The New York subway has lifted a ban on sex toy ads they had previously blocked for ‘offensive sexual material’. The ban provoked outrage from women’s rights groups who claimed it was censorship and double standards in the light of viagra adverts being allowed and that were promoted at men. Not sure if kinky BDSM sex toys and accessories are strictly comaprable to a medicinal drug, and I’m not sure we will be seing any subway ads for Fleshlight or the Autoblow anytime soon, but it’s a good thing that female ‘sexual wellness’ is at least now not officially considered indecent.

Unbound – Sexual Wellness and Nipple Clamps

Unbound is a ‘sexual wellness’ online store that sells BDSM toys for women and couples. It boasts that it was founded by a group of ‘sassy women’ that wanted ‘sexual wellness to be less scary, more fun, body safe, and affordable’. Among their products are nipple clamps and eye masks.

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