RealDoll Makers Announce Plans to Sell Sex Bots

Stacy_Leigh_RealDollThe makers of RealDoll, luxury sex dolls, yesterday announced that it is working on creating sex bots that they hope to start selling in the near future. The sex bots will be identical to their high-end ultra-realistic dolls, with the added feature of being able to move their faces, heads, blink and even talk.

Matt McMullen is credited with inventing the RealDoll, a life-size, customizable and completely poseable love doll presumably for lonely people with asthma. He told the New York Times he’s currently working on a more animated doll that he hopes will have more human-like movements and even audible responses — because if your sex partner is a simulated person, you’re clearly a master communicator.
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McMullen calls his project Realbotix and he’s hired a team of robotic engineers from Hanson Robotics, a company that has produced some impressive humanoid robots such as the conversational, expression-reading humanoid named Han that made its debut in April.

He’s also working on giving his new sex-bot its own artificial intelligence so it can respond to questions and statements while it’s batting its eyes or making kissy faces at its living love master.

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