Some Amazing New Virt-A-Mate Animations

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Virt-A-Mate is a digital platform that allows it’s open community developers to design animated and interactive adult VR scenes, with realistic characters that can be ‘touched’ or otherwise manipulated via your headset controllers. There is a Reddit devoted to allowing members to show off their latest animations, and there is also an official Twitter which showcases them there too.

Virt-A-Mate regularly updates its software and the breathtaking realism and potential of the scenes showcased by developers increases at a similarly rapid pace. Some of the latest animations being showcased really do give me the feeling that the future of digital porn interaction, indeed the future of virtual sex itself, is happening right now, right before our eyes. Take a look for example at the following interactive animation with a 3D model using Leap Motion :

Can you imagine this with haptic feedback? Or the model being the result of a 3D scan of your favorite pornstar, your girlfriend (who is away at Uni, haha) etc.? We might not have to wait too long for the future as the forthcoming Valve Index VR headset apparently comes with next generation tactile controllers that are so accurate that it could determine if your grip would break an egg in the virtual world.

Check out some more of the amazing creations made by members of the Virt-A-Mate community below!

I was actually hoping this ‘girl’ needed to pee and we were about to see it…

Ciboria WIP from sapu zex on Vimeo.

If you want to support Virt-A-Mate, the company behind it has a patreon page :

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