Sophie Sparks Virtual Girlfriend Sex Movie Review

BabeVR featuring Sophie Sparks

A beautiful young actress, new to porn and who thus far (to my knowledge) has only appeared in softporn and webcam work, agrees to let you experience virtual sex with her in your headset, in one of the best movies yet from BabeVR.

Sophie Sparks in ‘Making Sparks Fly’ VR Trailer & Review

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BabeVR continue to push the boundaries of minamilist VR with this new movie which doesn’t even have a backdrop, just you and the girl who is going to give you some wild virtual sex. Of course, it works, at least for myself and many VR fans. This is primarily because the girl is not fucking a jaded male actor, but an actual silicone ‘stunt cock’, and hence the sex is more direct – she feels she is having sex with the viewer, not fucking for the viewer, which is what virtual reality porn and sex should be all about. The bare bones setting gives it an even more intimate feel. And when the babe is as delicious as young porn newcomer Sophie Sparks, it makes for a fantastic virtual girlfriend experience.

You can follow Sophie Sparks on Twitter.

Sophie Sparks Virtual Sex Naked Photos

Sophie Sparks BabeVR lingerie

Sophie Sparks vr girl posing in lingerie

BabeVR Sophie Sparks

real virtual girl giving blowjob

beautiful girl straddling cock

pretty girl simulating sex in VR

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