Alix Lynx Virtual Simulated Sex VR Movie Review & Video

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American blonde babe Alix Lynx stars as your busty young girlfriend in this simulated sex fantasy that sees her giving you very special thanks for letting her run wild with your credit card over the weekend. And she’s wearing some of the sexy lingerie she bought with your money as she rides your virtual cock hard at BabeVR.

Alix Lynx Stars In ‘Giving Back’ VR Porn Movie Trailer & Review

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Alix Lynx has her turn on the silicone simulated cock and torso that is the ‘male actor’ in BabeVR videos. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the format, and here miss Lynx does a very good job of pleasuring the viewer through the stunt cock. This maybe isn’t difficult considering her massive firm boobs are practically in your face most of the time as she rides hard up and down the stiff synthetic penis.

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Alix Lynx busty blonde virtual sex

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