Susy Gala BadoinkVR Latina VR Pornstar Review

BadoinkVR Susy Gala party favor

BadoinkVR The Party Favor

Latina VR Pornstar is going to make sure your 30th birthday is something special.

Susy Gala Stars In ‘The Party Favor’ VR Latina Sex Porn Video

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Busty and big bootied Latina pornstar Susy Gala stars in this excellent offering from Badoink. It’s one of their best movies for a while. The VR filming is up to their usual high (and ever improving) standards, but what made it extra special for me is Susy herself. A very beautiful pornstar who is big in all the right places, and is wearing an extremely sexy outfit that is minimalist to say the least.

Riding up and down hard on your cock as her leather glove clad hands and arms press against your body is something a little different. And I don’t normally go for big assed girls, but Susie’s ass is firm as well as being big. Well, firm enough to hear your balls slapping hard against it as your pound her pussy from behind, but not so firm as to prevent the delightful and mesmorizing sight to accompany those slaps of her cheeks swinging in ‘waves’ with every stroke of your dick.

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