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What Sex Robots Can Do In 2020 And What They Might Do In 2030

Alternative Russian news site Sputnik is reporting that RealDoll are planning to equip their sex robots (which are still not for sale) with ‘spacial awareness’ and facial recognition. While Sputnik quoting RealDol representative ‘Brick Dollbanger’ might not be convincing for some, there’s no doubt that there are real advances now appearing to happen very quickly… Read More »

Sex Tech Review of the Year 2018 Pt 1 – Sex Robots

After a disappointing trajectory in the growth of virtual reality porn, sex tech watchers began 2018 with hopes that it would be the year that sex robots were finally going to become a thing. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting as we welcome in another New Year. Widespread relief that an infamous ‘teledildonics’ patent had finally expired… Read More »

Emma the AI Sex Robot in Action

Sadly, not that type of action, but this video does show off some impressive AI capabilities. Unlike most talking robot YouTube videos, the conversation appears relatively unscripted. Sexbots like these might still be relatively crude in their functionality, but when you consider that appearance wise and limb flexibility they are at the level of luxury… Read More »

Best Sex Robots You Can Buy Online Now

The era of sexbots appears to have finally arrived. They are a long way from the finished article, and women don’t have to be afraid just yet, but imperfect though they are, it is now possible at last to buy real sex robots online. With the rapid progress in Artifical Intelligence and robotics in general,… Read More »