Sex Doll That Can Move Its Spine For Oral Sex

Moving Sex Doll - Sex Doll Australia - SE Doll

SE DOLL Raelyn - moving sex doll
A Chinese realistic sex doll company has revealed a new model that has a limited range of motion in its spine. Although the degree of movement isn’t much – simply a rocking motion of the spine up and down – it does allow it to perform oral sex, as well as enhance missionary and doggy style sex.

Here an Australian YouTuber takes a closer look at the new doll.

Other than the movement, the doll does not have any other ‘sex robot’ features such as AI.

The speed of the rocking motion can be adjusted via a remote control, variously at low, medium, or high speed.

It’s a start, as the guy in the video says, and another example of how the road to a true sex robot will be incremental, with many different companies playing their parts.

You can buy the doll directly from the Chinese company behind it – SE DOLL – for $2,600.

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