What Sex Robots Can Do In 2020 And What They Might Do In 2030

Sputnik - Moving sexbot girlfriend

Sputnik - AI Realistic Droids

Alternative Russian news site Sputnik is reporting that RealDoll are planning to equip their sex robots (which are still not for sale) with ‘spacial awareness’ and facial recognition. While Sputnik quoting RealDoll representative ‘Brick Dollbanger’ might not be convincing for some, there’s no doubt that there are real advances now appearing to happen very quickly in the field of sex robotics, and the 2020’s could indeed be the decade where ‘sex robots’ become more than simply ‘smart sex dolls’.

With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a brief checklist of what sex robots can do currently, and what they likely will be able to do by the end of this decade.

What Sex Robots Are Like Now And Can Do In 2020

The number of sex robots on the market is currently still very few, and frankly speaking, those that are deserve to be termed ‘smart sex dolls’ rather than true sex robots. Here is what the best of them can currently do (sometimes in some models).

  • Self-heat to a human body temperature (sometimes only the vagina).
  • Employ AI to engage in very limited Alexa/Siri style ‘conversation’.
  • Move their lips and eyebrows and sometimes their hands, all very crudely.
  • Have limited ‘sensors’ that can cause the robot to ‘respond’ to i.e. touching with moaning noises.
  • Look quite realistic, but still suffer from uncanny valley. Weigh very heavy.

What Sex Robots Will Be Like And Will Do In 2030

  • Be created using 3D scanning of real people, 3D printed, and indistinguishable from real people.
  • Convincing facial movements and expressions
  • Be capable of at least limited but real whole body mobility. For example, changing position on the bed. Climbing on and off bed, even putting itself back in the cupboard!
  • Use facial recognition to not only recognize its owner from others, but to recognize emotional and sexual cues and respond accordingly
  • Have a much wider range of speech and be able to take part in quite satisfying and convincing ‘conversations’
  • Weigh much less, perhaps even much less than immobile sex dolls if they have achieved some degree of electric powered mobility.
  • Of course this is dependent on whether anti-sexbot campaigners can be stopped from achieving their goal of banning sex robots entirely, although it would surely take a United Nations resolution to stop China and many other countries from continuing their development.

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