DS Doll Robotics Tease The Future Of Sex Robots

DS Doll - The Evolution Doll

DS Doll Evolution dolls 1 Cana

DS Doll Robotics is a high-tech Chinese company pioneering the commercial sale of sex robots, as well as producing the next generation in realistic sex dolls. In fact, the two are symbiotic as their much anticipated robot sex head can be fitted on to the body of their premium flagship sex dolls – the ‘Evolution’ range. I’m personally aware that sex dolls don’t always look as good as they do in webstore photos, but the images of the ‘Evolution’ dolls are truly breathtaking and safely past the Uncanny Valley.

DS Doll Evolution dolls 2

The first generation of the robot head, which is available to pre-order but whose actual launch has been pushed back to 2020, isn’t terribly advanced. It can pull a few facial features, but doesn’t really have any AI inside it. Rather, it can simply play back a few MP4 voice recordings. The promised next generation will have advanced AI, however, as well as possibly a very useful cock sucking feature 🙂

Another interesting feature of the company is that their dolls, as well as their forthcoming sex robot involve 3D printing of parts, something that promises to bring down costs further, as well as making them far more easy to personally customize.

I tend to be pretty sceptical when it comes to sex robots and the timeline to the sexbot apocalypse, but looking at DS Doll Robotics has given me a sense of optimism that something special could be happening soon when all this comes together.

In a series of tweets, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts, DS Doll has teasing the advances they are making with their robots.

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